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Local Leagues in New Mexico


Present: Laura Atkins LWVSFC Liaison; Janet Blair, PR/Communications; Kathy Brook, Co-President LWVSNM; Hannah Burling, President; Barbara Calef, 2nd Vice President; Karen Douglas, , Co-President, LWVCNM; Chris Furlanetto, Program; Diane Goldfarb, Voter Services; Susan Haase, Director; Patricia Hawkins, Director; Jody Larson, Archivist; Meredith Machen, Director; Dick Mason, Action; Akkana Peck, Webmaster; Becky Shankland, Co-President LWVLA; Eileen Van Wie, Co-President LWVSNM; Karen Wentworth, Co-President, LWVCNM; Judy Williams, Past President

Absent: Kim Sorensen, Secretary

Susan Haase, serving as Secretary pro tem.

Hannah Burling called the meeting to order at 2:35


Motion to remove the Education item as an Advocacy Statement for Approval from the Agenda by Barbara Calef. Seconded by Meredith Machen. Discussion: Eileen Van Wie stated the item was intended only for discussion and not for approval. Motion Approved.

Motion to discuss the Education item as a report on the agenda by Kathy Brook. Seconded by Becky Shankland. Motion Approved.

Agenda approved as amended.


Motion to approve the March Minutes by Dick Mason. Seconded by Kathy Brook. Motion Approved.

Program – Request Concurrence on TFPL position

Consensus that the Board wishes Chris Furlanetto and Hannah Burling to initiate the process of obtaining LWVUS and other State Leagues’ concurrence with our Transfer of Federal Public Lands position. Chris will provide Hannah with a statement and pros and cons for submission to LWVUS.

Advocacy Statements for Approval

**Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage: Discussion centered on anticipated review of the Holtec Environmental Impact Statement and its effect on our revised advocacy statement. Agreement to postpone this until our next board meeting.

Also, agreed that the current posting of the SNF Advocacy Statement on our website should be changed to “Approved by LWVUS”

**Redistricting: (Statement attached)

Motion to approve statement as written by Dick Mason. Seconded by Akkana Peck. Motion Approved.


Education: Eileen Van Wie reported that the Education Committee met in January. Several aspects of the Yazzie lawsuit caught their interest and motivated the report they submitted for this meeting. First was the lack of funding for court oversight in the implementation of the court orders in the case. For example, the funding process for the school districts raises questions of equity. Are federal funds intended to enhance local funds being used instead to supplant local funds? And, language in statute requiring a “sufficient” education was entirely “insufficient” in the Committee’s opinion and needs attention.

Considerable discussion ensued with the decision to review the League’s current position on Education for potential update and specificity. No desire for a full study.

The LWVUS Convention will not take place in Washington, D.C. It will be held online from June 25 – 28. Registration will begin in May.

Calendar Proposed Dates for 2020-2021

Board meetings:

July 18, 2020 Albuquerque

September 19, 2020 Santa Fe

November 21, 2020 Socorro

January 16, 2021 Albuquerque

State convention last weekend in April, 2021 Las Cruces

Next Board Meeting: July 18, 11-3, ABQ

Meeting adjourned at 3:30

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Haase, Secretary pro tem

Edited by Laura Atkins 4/28/20

Edited by Barbara Calef 4/30/20