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Your Vote Counts

Voting Info from the Secretary of State

October 14: The Secretary of State has a new pamphlet with all the information you need to know about voting in New Mexico: 2020 New Mexico General Election Voter Information Advisory (PDF).

During the COVID-19 Emergency, Consider Voting by Mail (Absentee)

Voting by Mail

Eligible registered voters can vote by mail.
Here is the process:

County clerks can begin mailing the absentee ballots out on October 6. When you receive the actual ballot, fill it out and mail it back right away so as not to miss the election day deadline.

Each ballot has a unique code and must be returned in the privacy envelope provided. You must provide your signature in the format used on your original voter registration application and the last four digits of your social security number.

Mail your completed ballot to your county clerk by October 27 to ensure that it arrives before 7pm on Election day; or deposit it in a ballot drop box (check with your county clerk to find out where it is located); or deliver it by hand to an election worker at a vote center before 7 p.m. on election day. Information for all 33 county clerk offices.

Essential Dates

Tuesday, Oct. 6:
Voter registration closes for online registration and registration by mail. County clerks can begin mailing absentee ballots.
Tuesday, Oct. 20:
Last day to request an absentee ballot.
Tuesday, Oct. 6:
Early Voting starts.
Tuesday, Oct. 27:
Recommended last day to mail absentee ballots.
Saturday, Oct. 31:
Early in-person voting ends.
Tuesday, Nov. 3
Election Day. Last day to drop off absentee ballots at a polling place.

Steps to complete your mail in ballot

1. When you receive your mail in ballot you will have:

2. Fill out the ballot. DO NOT SIGN OR PRINT YOUR NAME ON YOUR BALLOT. Place the ballot inside the secrecy envelope and seal the envelope.

3. Place the secrecy envelope in the return-mailing envelope.

4. Complete the required information on the back of the return-mailing envelope:

5. Seal the return-mailing envelope.

6. Put the sealed return-mailing envelope containing your ballot in a Drop Box (located at polling sites) or mail it right away.


Voting In Person

Beginning on October 6 you may go to your county clerk’s office or the designated vote center for your county and vote in person.

Expanded early voting locations will open in each county beginning Saturday, October 17 and ending Saturday, October 31.

Election day is November 3.

Candidate and Ballot Information: LWVNM Voter Guide

Visit our State-wide online Voter Guide: VOTE411.ORG.

The League of Women Voters promotes informed and active participation of citizens in government and produces non-partisan, comprehensive Voter Guides. The League of Women Voters does not support, oppose, or make recommendations regarding any political party or candidate. To help voters make informed choices, the League of Women Voters interviews candidates for most of the competitive races on key issues and prints their unedited responses. Summaries of proposed constitutional amendments and other ballot questions are also included in Voter Guides. Please check this website in early October of election years for the links to the statewide and local Voter Guides for Central New Mexico, Southern New Mexico, Los Alamos County, and Santa Fe County.

In 2020, our local leagues will prepare printed Voter Guides as they have in the past, but we also have a new
State-wide online Voter Guide: VOTE411.ORG.

Archived older LWV Voter Guides: 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008.

Registering to Vote

Who’s eligible to vote in New Mexico? 

You can register to vote online at

Newly registered voters who submitted the registration form by mail will need to submit some proof of ID when they vote:

Already registered? 

Voting Districts

[New Mexico districts thumbnail]

Want to know what district you're in or who your legislators are? Type your address into Find My Legislator on the legislative website. Or use the Voter Information Portal at the Secretary of State's office.

Just want to browse all the district maps? The LWVNM has interactive maps and data for New Mexico's political districts: see LWVNM District Maps.