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Local Leagues in New Mexico


Adopted by the LWVNM Board, November 12, 2016

Also available as a DOC file (166K): LWVNM_Charter_School_Position.doc.

The League of Women Voters of New Mexicobelieves that every student should have access to a high quality, publicly funded education regardless of race, ethnicity, family income, or geographical location. The League believes in accountability, transparency, and equity in the use of public funds for education.

Charter schools are discretionary programs intended to fill unmet needs and/or to test innovative instructional strategies to produce quality educational outcomes. Policy makers must ensure that adequate funds are available for traditional public schools and define how charter schools fill unmet needs. Appropriate instructional and support services must be provided to meet the diverse needs of individual students in both traditional public and charter schools.

Regarding the mission of charter schools, the LWVNM believes the following:

its mission would serve a need the traditional schools cannot;

funds are available;

there is a demonstrated need based on student population projections.

For the sake of assuring accountability and transparency and minimizing the fiscal impact, LWVNM recommends the following:

LWVNM believes that public funding for virtual schools should be less per student since the schools do not require brick and mortar facilities.