Local Leagues in New Mexico

See the Action page for the 2015 Legislative Calendar. The Legislature will be in session from Jan 20 - March 21. For details, visit www.nmlegis.gov.

For election information, see the Voter Information page. The Fall primary election will be June 3, with early voting beginning May 6; the General Election is November 4, with early voting starting October 7.

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Calendar of Events, 2014-5
Date Time Description and Place


January 4
11am-3pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Albuquerque at the Domingo Baca Center, Carmel Rd NE, Albuquerque.
Agenda includes finalizing League Day plans, coordinating lobbying efforts.
January 28
8:30am-5:00pm League Day at the Legislature at the Capitol and Land Office, just down the street from the Capitol building (aka "the Roundhouse")
April 2
  Deadline for Spring La Palabra Contents to include Call to Council
April 5
11-3pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Santa Fe
Agenda will include final plans for Council
May 17
  LWVNM Council 2014 in Santa Fe
May 17
after Council New LWVNM Board Meeting in Santa Fe
June 6-10  LWVUS Council 2014 in Dallas, at the Omni Hotel
July 19
11am-3pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Albuquerque.
Agenda includes finalizing the questions for the 2014 Voters' Guide
July 27?   Deadline for Summer La Palabra
September 20
11am-3-m LWVNM Board Meeting in Santa Fe, Pasatiempo Center
September 25?   Deadline for Fall La Palabra
November 15
10am-1:45pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Socorro(?)
Agenda to include League Day 2015, LWVUS Council, and LWVNM Convention 2015
La Palabra draft articles due 11/12
November 30   Deadline for Winter La Palabra
December 13
  Lobbying Workshop in Santa Fe


January 17
11am-3pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Albuquerque
February 10
  League Day at the Legislature in Santa Fe at the Land Office and State Capitol ("the Roundhouse")
March 29
11am-3pm LWVNM Board Meeting in Santa Fe
May 16-17
  LWVNM Convention 2015 in Albuquerque, at the Crowne Plaza

Local League Calendars